"Oh goodie! Not one of my favorite things!"  Sound familiar?
Perhaps you hate inactivity and are one of those that always has a little project for those ''waiting' times and are quickly whip it out of your bottomless bag for just such times. That was me until a year and a half ago.
         I had a life changing revelation of what waiting really means. 
          For the next few entries I want to unwrap this gift and share what I have discovered.  For now, I want to leave you with this. God didn't intend waiting to frustrate, or test us really.  On the contrary He did it knowing that we are creatures of time. Consider this. Ask yourself  how many clocks are in your house?  How do we commonly respond when we are detained. How often do 'clock watch' or these days, check our phones?
         God is our Heavenly Father Who is outside of time.  He is not counting minutes. For a thousand years is like but a day in his view. And He has forever. However, as created beings our days are numbered and He knows our time on this earth is precious.  Waiting is not only a gift he has given us, but one we return to him as well.
  So we will be exploring this important thing we do, this waiting.
Isa 40:28-30 NLT  tells us it is a place of regaining strength...Hmm. That's a good place to launch. 
 Fresh Perspective
     "Lean In"...this Word and all that has unfolded since Easter Service Launch is a fresh chapter of learning about the Secret Waiting Place. Prayer is the ever present recurring theme and focus of our attention.
Psalm 46:10 contains a fresh and relevant call to us all.  Waiting isn't merely just twiddling our thumbs while looking for what God is going to do next.  Oh my, what we can miss from that mindset!